You can feel the presence of humankind n every corner of the world. Unfortunately, this means that pollution is also not far behind. And the biggest culprit is plastic, which is not biodegradable. Plastic in the ocean can have a devastating effect on aquatic animals as they can ingest or tangle into it.

It was a bright and sunny day when these two Kayakers went out to a day of adventure. Just another day in the waters, they didn’t expect to see anything out of the ordinary. So, it was a surprise when the man saw ripples in the water. It could be anything. But as they got closer, they noticed the shell and little flippers. It was a sea turtle!

entangled sea turtle

The two Kayakers were ecstatic to find a sea creature during their time out. However, they had a feeling that something was wrong. If the turtle were fine, it would have tried to steer clear of the humans. So, they went closer and investigated. They were heartbroken to find that the poor creature was tangled in a plastic net. Moreover, it was fighting hard for its life. After that, they scooped the turtle from the water and started cutting the net off. It was a challenge, but they managed to get it all off and released the shelled animal to the sea. But not before the man kissed it good luck! Watch the video below:

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