Hilarious Father-Daughter Kitchen Dance will Have You Rolling

We’ve seen a lot of father-daughter dances on the internet. Most are wedding dances, which are usually sweet and heartwarming, or they are surprising and interesting. Here’s one that’s not at a wedding, it’s in a kitchen of all places, and it’s hilarious.

This video was taken as part of a “quarantine challenge” but it is so funny that it doesn’t matter that Covid is over and no one is quarantined anymore. Set against a backdrop of Jess Glyne’s “Hold My Hand,” a Daughter starts by playing an air piano and is soon joined by Dad, who comes dancing in from the side.

The first couple of minutes of this video are great–they show Dad and Daughter have spent a lot of time practicing on this. And it looks like they both had a good time with it.

Even better, Mom gets into the act after a couple of minutes and it becomes a family affair. When the three of them get to dancing, you won’t be able to keep from smiling. Quarantine or no, this was great fun for their family and for us!

So cute. Watch the full video below!

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