Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Cat Who’d Been Missing For Four Years

There are times when you feel as if everything is working against you. You may lose someone you care about, the property you worked so hard to acquire, or, in some cases, everything you thought was yours. During those difficult times, if someone helps or consoles you, you feel like an angel… An angel with bright shiny wings who will swirl their wand and all your problems will vanish…

Dora, an elderly woman, lost everything in the disaster that struck central Italy four years ago. As a result, she lost her home as well as all her valuable possessions. But her life went south when she lost her only companion, her only cat.

elderly Woman Reunites Cat

Dora assumed she had lost her cat for good and would never see him again. This completely broke Dora as her cat was like a family member to her. Her day started with the kitty’s purr and ended with his cuddles. He was the world to her.

And then, four years later, the cat reappeared. Dora was overjoyed to be reunited with her beloved pet cat. The pair gently touch foreheads, and the cat begins to cuddle his beloved human. They are clearly overjoyed to be reunited after four years apart. Watch the full video here:

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