93-Year-Old Veteran Tells Hilarious Story Of Giving Out Valentine’s As Kid

Some memories are so strong that you never forget them. These are the stories you tell to your children and even their children. But some recollections aren’t quite sharable. They are embarrassing things you did that you remember when you’re about to fall asleep and haunt you. Well, this 93-year-old tells a similar story on stage!

When Tom Sitter was just ten years old, he went to Catholic school. For the occasion of Valentine’s Day, he could only afford a set of 5 cards to give to girls at his school. And his recollection of that day is so strong! That even to this day, he still remembers the names of all the girls. But wait— that isn’t all!

valentines tale

As he goes through his story, the hilarious old man tells how the cards were distributed among the people in the class. However, he isn’t quite as lucky and doesn’t manage to get any. Or does he? Furthermore, the WWII veteran’s hilarious tale got him first prize in the open-mic storytelling competition. You will roar in laughter when you hear him recount the old days! Watch it below:

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