One of the biggest achievements in life is to stay young and motivated throughout the journey with minor exceptions. We come to this world as carefree little ones and as we grow up, the innocence is shadowed by the hardship of life itself.

Hence, we all need something in our life that makes us truly happy like a child even in our older days. For some, it can be a hobby or an intellectual conversation to exercise the mind. While others like Nellia and Dietmar Ehrentraut, it’s the shared passion for dance. The couple were married in the 70s and having together ever since.

Albeit their age, they have never stopped living life with needed innocence and childlike carefree laughter. Even though the Ehrentrauts are not a recognized household name. They sure know how to be the life of any party. In the clip, the elderly couple showcases their immense talents to the tune of Boogie Woogie. As the music progresses the chemistry and choreography take off hand in hand.

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