Are You Still Using the Old Way of Storing Extension Cords? This Farmer Will Show You a Better Way

The worst thing about buying electrical equipment or machinery has to be the space it occupies. Moreover, the extension cord that comes with it can be a pain to store. But the next time you want to use it is more challenging. It always comes out in a messy tangle! Luckily, this man has a foolproof method of storing the cord so that it’s ready to plug in the next time you need it.

Master Gardener and all-round handyman, DirtFarmerJay, is the go-to person if you need home maintenance tips. Moreover, the wise man has advice for every aspect of life! And his method for storing extension cord is life-changing!

extension cord storing

I am guilty of winding these cords with my elbows like Jay calls out in the video. Instead, he advises that we use the loop method! Firstly, Jay plugs the cable together and halves it. Then, he uses the opposite end to make a loop. Moreover, he continues doing so until the cord makes a neat chain! But the best thing about this method is that you can unwind only the part that you need in one swoop.

Watch the demonstration below:

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