Mom Posts Photo and Explains the Heartbreaking Reason Why She Sleeps in Her Baby’s Crib

This is possibly one of the most heartwarming videos you will ever find on the internet. This will break your heart for sure.

This mom always sleeps in her daughter’s crib and she has the most heartbreaking reason for it. In Uganda’s orphanage, the children cry but eventually stop when they realize no one is coming for them. The mom says, “This [photo] was from several weeks back, yes, I climbed in the crib in hopes to soothe my screaming, teething, blushed-faced, and tear-soaked little girl. My husband came home to this, and I am re-posting it because this captures the essence of my heart, and my “why…” There I was in the heat of this exhausting, beautiful thing we call parenthood, and I remembered a promise I made to her.”


For her daughter, she says, “Her first hurt, her first heartbreak, we will come to her. We will be there to hold her, to let her feel, to make decisions on her own, and we will be there. We will show her through our tears and frustrations at times, that it is okay to cry, and it’s ok to feel. That we will always be a safe place, and we will always come to her.”

This is very deep.

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