This Little Boy is Tasting Bacon for the First Time. His Hysterical Reaction Will Leave You in Splits

I love bacon. I mean who doesn’t! It is perfect whether it is for breakfast or lunch or dinner. In the video below, we get a chance to see a baby’s reaction to his first bacon. Easton’s dad decided that it was time for his little boy to taste this delish treat. So this Christmas, he gave him his first taste. You are going to be in stitches when you see the kid’s reaction!

When he takes his first bite, dad asks “Easton is that good?” The little boy pauses for a few seconds before yelling out “bacon”! His reaction says it all. Even his family can’t stop their laughter at his enthusiasm. Guess Easton will be eating a lot more bacon now! But who could really blame him right?


Watch this adorable video below! Do you like bacon too? Let us know what you thought about this adorable clip in the comments section!

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