Worried Dad Was Rushing to Save His Daughter and This Kind Cab Driver Showed Up

This video shows the courageous taxi driver and determined father rescued his daughter from Vegas shooting. The father grabs a cab and off to save his daughter. He looked terrified as they can clearly hear the gunfire from the cabbie radio.

It is incredible of the driver to rescue the stranger’s daughter form massacre. So, Asley’s father showed his gratitude by offering bonus money for the driver. But, the kind-hearted driver refused and revealed his fatherhood too. When they reach the place, the driver showed more of his kind heart. He not only rescued his daughter and her husband and offered others for the seat too. Indeed, he let all the seven people to crouched in the back seat.

Later, Ashley appreciates the taxi driver by texting him a big thanks. This heartening video has to melt millions of hearts. And, it has already made 16 million views and over 10 thousand comments appreciating to the driver.

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