Two Stray Dogs Sit in Parking Lot, Begging Anyone Who Passes to Help Them

Every year the number of stray dogs keeps increasing. These lovely animals are a sad sight to witness. They have no sustainable shelter during severe weather or anyone to feed them. If they interact, it is impossible to ignore them.

Similar is the case of 18-year-old Destiny Vasquez, who came forth the two starving dogs. One of the pups approaches the teenage girl, her eyes so gloomy, begging for food. After witnessing this heartbreaking site, Destiny called her mom, explaining the situation.

Jessica Marin, Destiny’s mom, had previously saved some strays from the South Texas streets. Therefore, she was skilled in handling the situation. Marin took some pictures and asked around the Fastfood restaurant nearby. After gathering enough information, she forwarded the pictures to her friend Leslie Hennings.

Leslie then posted the clip and the pictures of the adorable pups on Facebook. Since then, the post has been shared over 700 times. Ana Teran, a volunteer on Animal Aid Brigade, saw the post. She then traveled to Brownsville, Texas, to pick up the pups. The dogs are now getting trained. Pretty soon, Patty and Pepper will be ready for adoption.

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