Every average adult these days spends more than five hours watching TV. The numbers are even more when going through the smartphone. Though these hours don’t account for the time you spend just surfing through Netflix, begin something new.

We enjoy screen time to the point that it becomes our companion. Much like our pets who spend their days either resting in the sun or cuddling by our side. Even if they like it or not, they have to spend quite a similar time binging through series, talent shows, and many more due to their owners. At times, they could care less about what their owners are watching.


Unless someone rings the bell, then it’s showtime. However, the canine in the video seems to pay more attention to the TV than I do. They are almost like children sitting too close to the widescreen hypnotized by the ongoing program. The tiny pups are enamored with everything that is going on the TV. One of the pups is excited to see his fellow friends make it to fame.

Please press play and enjoy as they nod along with the commands.

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