6-Yr-Old ‘Dog Whisperer’ Catches Stray Dog After Rescuers Fail for Months

Not every dog wants to be rescued or adopted. It’s possible that he or she dislikes their new home or wishes to return to their previous residence. However, they are unaware of the cost of not having someone to care for them and be their parent. That is why these rescuers attempt to locate and re-rescue the dogs who broke the chains.

Daisy the dog, for example. Susan Hilden noticed her running away from her new home. She was adopted by another shelter, but she flew away just two days later. And she had been wandering around the neighborhood for two and a half months. So Susan decided to try and catch her one more time. But every time they got too close to her, she ran away.

So they turned to Meghan Topping, a 6-year-old, for assistance. It had previously been Meghan and her mother who fostered Daisy, and now the two of them take in and foster numerous dogs together.

When Daisy’s rescue team discovers her in an open field, Meghan goes with her mom to join the other rescuers. The little girl, having earned Daisy’s trust immediately, knew what to do and did it.

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