Dog Gets Stuck In Hammock And Hilariously Tries To Escape

If you have a pet in the house, you are well aware of the mischiefs they run into. Although some canines are more relaxing and can’t be bothered. Others are highly agile, and they pour all this energy into all sorts of silly stuff.

Just like the Chewie, the family dog was sniffing and goofing around the backyard. The pup stumbled upon a hammock. A few minutes around the swing and Chewie got itself in a bit of a misadventure. Half of the pooch’s body gets stuck in the hammock, and the other half trying to figure out what’s happening.

As the pup struggled from side to side, the owner capturing the scenarios could hardly hold back his laughter. Chewie’s wrestling mania continues for quite some time, watching from a distant another one of the family’s pet. A German Sheperd barks at the hammock in hopes of scaring and letting his friend go. Eventually, Chewie wins the battle and emerges victorious. The pup goes through all the ordeal just to get back at the hammock.

Please enjoy this funny feud between Chewie and the hammock.

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