Missing 3-year-old Florida Boy With Autism Found Mile From Home With an Unexpected Rescuer

It’s every parent’s nightmare when their child goes missing. For a family in Ponce de Leon, Florida, this nightmare came true when their kid went missing. To make the matter worst, the three-year-old Marshal Butler was a non-verbal autistic child.

When the family couldn’t locate their baby, they rang the police at 11:40 am. In hopes of finding the boy quicker, relatives, neighbors, and officers from Walton County, Holmes County, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission joined the search. Likely everyone’s head wonder with all sorts of the worst-case scenario. In a Facebook Live, the sheriff’s office notified 25-30 units were on the lookout for the boy.

The time was running by, and no one knew where Marshall was wandering off. Even K9 was called in for help. Fortunately, the family’s neighbor “Carol Shelton,” found the toddler. However, he wasn’t alone; his trusty guards the family dog were keeping him company.  Buckwheat and Nala must have followed Marshall when he wandered off from home, is anyone’s best guess. Regardless of the exact details of the scenario, the boy was found safe and sound. Clearly, Marshall was doing what he most enjoyed playing with dirt. The scary day finally comes to an end with Marshall in his mother’s arms.

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