Woman Under Dental Anesthesia Doesn’t Recognize Her Husband – Wait for Her Reaction When He Touches Her

Wisdom teeth removal is quite a painful aftermath, though the process is seamless due to heavy medication. Well few years or a decade back, once you got the teeth removes, you would simply get a ride home and get some sleep. That would be the end of it.

But not anymore. With the rise of social media, people almost feel the need to document every aspect of their life. Thanks to that, a new quirky genre of videos has been surfing through the internet, “After Wisdom teeth removal.” The title alone should give you some understanding of what awaits us.


The funniest of them all is the woman featuring in the clip. After getting her wisdom teeth removed, Baylie Camacho was riding back home with her sister, Whitney, and husband, Jacob. But she doesn’t realize the person in the driver’s seat is her husband. Hence she gets into this back and forth feud of being already married. “I am married, she goes on; you see this ring, it means I am taken.” 

Please press and enjoy.

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