Rescuers reach on time to save is dog from the river-This is heartwarming

Dogs are one of the best animals in the world. We love dogs because they make our lives better and happier.

This video will surely steal your hearts. In this video, we see how some kinds of humans try their best to give back to the existence of dogs in the lives of humans. This is a perfect example of how a small gesture and effort from a human can save a life of a precious animal. The dog in the video is stuck in the river.

It is quite fortunate that people went ahead and saved this dog on time. The rescuers reach the spot at the right time and avoided a possible accident from occurring. This video will make you regain your faith in humanity. The people kept that dog in a submerged truck and brought him back to safety.

This video will melt your heart. Watch the full video below!

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