Angry Cat Doesn’t Like the Door Closed So He Shows a Creative Way to Show His Frustration

The internet is a house for many people who upload wholesome videos. Wholesome and funny videos always have a big audience.

There is barely anyone who does not love funny cat videos. Cats are one of the wittiest and cutest animals ever. You won’t be shocked if you see a cat meowing on the internet. There are many videos in which cats are shouting or yelling. However, this hilarious cat video takes the cake for being the most wholesome one among all the others.

The cat screams and yells in rage from outside the door. The person taking this video seems to be humored by this cat in every way possible. The cat is very witty and one can tell from the way he yells that the cat wants to show some dominance by yelling toward his human.

This is one of the best videos on the internet. Watch the full video below!

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