Heartbroken shelter dog stops eating after multiple adoption rejection

Dog shelters have no problem whatsoever with homing loving and loyal dogs such as Pit bulls. These dogs make such great pets and companions with their strong desire to please people and being affectionate, especially towards children and their beloved owners.

A certain Pitbull from a shelter named Dozer has always been a jolly lot. This precious pup is outgoing and appealingly mischievous. But this sweet dog never had the chance to become adopted and have a family of his own. From his cheerfully usual demeanor, things have turned into the downward spiral, resulting in his complete loss of appetite.

Concerned shelter workers were entirely distraught about Dozer’s sudden change in his outward behavior. They have desperately sought out animal lovers across the internet for help, by posting a picture of poor heartbroken Dozer with a pleading message of sadness.

The shelter workers’ post of Dozer’s picture instantly went viral. A lot of Animal lovers were affected by the dog’s depression and did everything to find a home for the once joyful Pitbull. Within just two days, the shelter received dozens of phone calls and messages of possible adoptions for Dozer.

Source: County of Los Angeles – Agoura Animal Care Center/Facebook

Luckily, they had no trouble searching and quickly found a match for him. John, who recently lost a pet Pitbull due to heart failure, was very much happy and willing to be Dozer’s adoptive parent.

Source: County of Los Angeles – Agoura Animal Care Center/Facebook

At long last, Dozer now finally has a family of his own. He and John are inseparable like they were always meant to be together. It was astonishing how a community can come together and help a poor old dog find a family and become his cheerful self once more.

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