Man Asks Dog if That’s His Mess on the Stairs – Watch the Dog’s Answer

Pet owners know that sometimes their animal is going to leave a mess inside. And it seems we always ask, “Did you do this?” This video shows one dog who seems to know exactly what he’s being asked and to volunteer an answer. I just had to share it because it’s both cute and funny.

This short clip begins with a common situation–the pet owner calls his little bulldog over to look at a mess and asks, “Who did that? Did you do that?” At first, the little dog looks away, not wanting to admit anything. I feel sorry for the little guy because his face looks so guilty!

But after hearing the question a couple more times, the dog turns and gives his owner the answer. It’s cute and funny at the same time–I just couldn’t help but laugh and I’ll guess you won’t be able to either.

Watch the short video clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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