Dog’s Smells Late Owner’s Belongings and It’s Making Everyone Emotional

A bond between a human and their beloved pet is one of the most precious things in the entire world. A pooch loves his favorite human unconditionally. In their small world, we mean the world to them. And the pain that they feel after losing their loved human is genuinely heartbreaking. This video precisely depicts the sense of remorse doggo faces after a tragedy such as this occurs in their life.

A cute Chihuahua shared an incredible bond with her ‘dad,’ and he was the ultimate hero to her. He kept her in his little front pocket and took him everywhere he went. But with his sudden demise, he didn’t know how to feel better. So, to stick to the memory of his dad, he smells his belongings. As soon as he discovered his familiar smell, he found a way to cope up with his suffering. He immediately started snuggling and cuddling over his clothes. Watching him in that state tore me apart.

Even if other family members love him equally, it wasn’t the same without his dad. Luckily, he found something to hold on to until he gets better. All we can do is wish for this incredibly sweet doggo to find happiness in life eventually.

Watch this video below: 

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