Woman Gets Annoyed by Her Dog’s Frequent Calls but Wait When She Follows Him

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world. Whoever owns a dog has to be a lucky one. In fact, people call them a man’s best friend for good reasons.

Henry is a Boston terrier who went viral on the internet after an act of bravery. Henry is a loyal dog and is almost always very obedient as well. However, this time he was not so obedient towards his owners Kelly and Jeff Dowling’s annoyance. He kept calling them for help which the couple was not able to understand at first.

Whatsoever, Kelly decided to look at her 9 month old’s nursery room only to find out that she was crying and struggling. The couple rushed the infant to the Connecticut Children’s Hospital in Hartford immediately. Thankfully, the nurses cleared the baby’s airways in time. The couple is truly grateful for the loyalty and brilliance of their pet dog.

Henry is truly a superhero in the disguise of a dog. Watch the full video below!

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