Heartbreaking Video Shows Owner Mercilessly Abandoning Dog Right Before Christmas

Our dogs’ entire world revolves around us, and undoubtedly, most of us love them as dearly as they do. However, there are some who just don’t understand the value of these precious gems and dump them like trash. Recently, RSPCA shared a heartbreaking CCTV footage in which an owner can be seen abandoning his dog in the cold, with his bed, not long before Christmas. We can see the owner gets out of the car with the dog and his bed places them on the pavement and runs back inside the car.

The dog, as soon as he realizes that his human is leaving him behind, runs to him and tries to catch up with him, to no avail. The man still sits in his car and tries to drive off but the poor dog was determined not to let go. The Staffordshire terrier wags his tail and starts jumping up at the car doors, probably thinking it was a game they were playing. However, the poor pooch’s owner didn’t care at all! We can see the dog chasing the car from behind even when his owner drives off.

Luckily, an hour later, someone found the poor doggo lying on his bed where his owner had left him. The kind person contacted RSPCA immediately. RSPCA then started investigating on the matter.

The dog is now named Snoop and has a number of people registered to his microchip. Sadly, none of them is responsible for the heartbreaking incident. Although the investigation is still on the play, RSPCA wants Snoop to find a family who could never do anything like this to him.

Watch the gut-wrenching video below:

The upsetting footage has also managed to aware people of how these animals have feelings and how they can be heartbroken by our foolish behavior towards them. One should always contact concerned people if they can’t keep their pets anymore. Leaving them in such a heartbreaking situation does no good to them.

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