Heroic Police Dog ‘Saves’ His Fallen Partner – Everything Gets Captured

You can put your random cute dog videos on the Internet away because we have brought you the ultimately adorable dog Pancho, the police dog, who not only sniffs out your problems but also gives you CPR!

This extremely talented dog became a star after Municipal Police of Madrid, Spain shared a video recently. The video showed Pancho’s human partner stimulating a cardiac arrest while in a training exhibition, allowing adorable Pancho to exhibit his resuscitating skills.

We do not know what role Pancho will be playing in the force yet. Neither do we know if his CPR skills work in a real emergency. However, his eagerness to help people surely sends a positive message!

The police department wrote, “‘Heroic’ performance of our four-pawed companion, Poncho, who did not hesitate a moment in ‘saving the life’ of the agent, practicing CPR in a masterful way.” You can see the actual video below:


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