They Asked Dr. Travis to Talk About the Special Girl in His Life, Then He Breaks Down on Live Tv

The story featured below just might move you to tears. Dr. Travis Stork is all smiles whenever someone talks about his special girl, Nala. The dog is his best friend and she has been with him through good times and bad. During one of his shows, he talked about her and her importance in his life. He couldn’t hold back his grin at first, but when he remembered all the memories he shared with her, he was left in tears.

It was quite unusual for the man to open up like this on The Doctors, but no one complained. Nala was experiencing major health problems, and the interview only made him dig even deeper into his emotions. When you bring a pet into your house, they end up becoming a part of your family. Dr. Travis adopted Nala 17 years ago and he was already attached to her. He describes her as gentle and kind, and an altogether wonderful creature.

The man’s life changed the day he brought the pooch into his home. They became the best of friends and were inseparable ever since. Sadly, when this interview took place, Nala was in the last days of her life. The ER physician tears up looking back on his beloved pal and opens up about her health struggles. Just after the recording of this episode, Nala passed away.

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