Mailman Is Greeted Every Day by Adorable ‘Deliverer’ So He Decides to Film It

In life, it’s the simple things that bring us pure joy. The minor details of every day or a daily encounter that keeps us lifted make our day brighter and heart lighter. Such is the happiness in the life of this U.S. Postal Service driver.

A mailman interacts with a handful of people every day. But traveling the same route frequently makes them a familiar face in the community. It’s not the homeowners that recognize the mailman. Eventually, even the pets grow a liking to the stranger on their property. Like this agile white Labrador Retriever, Nemo, who picks up the family mail.

The understanding is straightforward. Every time the mailman is outside the door, the lovable canine runs to the vehicle, grabs the mail, and runs inside the home. But that’s not all; the pup surely deserves a treat for all its hard work. So, once the Labrador delivers the mail, it quickly makes another trip to the mailman.

This time, it’s a delicious treat that is waiting outside, a cookie. After munching down the treat, Nemo wags the tail in appreciation bids goodbye to his friend. Please press play and watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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