Dog Steps On Rubber Chicken And Tries To Mimic The Strange Sounds

Whenever your pet finds something new, they tend to hold it close. Until they completely figure it out.  Much like us humans, it’s very annoying when you don’t find the purpose of certain items. Thankfully, we have internet these days. One quick search is all we need, but the canines are not blessed with this benefit in the doggy world.

Instead, they get to examine it closely and scrutinize its every move. In the clip below, the German Shepherd has got himself a squeaky chicken toy. Every time he hits the play object outcomes the high-pitch noise. The pup seems to play with the toy regularly, so much so, the canine can mimic the sound.


But that’s not all. The adorable dog has a master plan in hindsight. He is not just going to sing the high-pitched tune. Oh no, the Shepherd goes all in. It’s a jamming session in play. First, the canine squeezes the toy and then joins the sound halfway through, almost syncing to the tune. Genius, isn’t he? The owners must be so proud of the musical pup.

Please press play and enjoy this entertaining clip.

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