Sneaky Porch Pirate Snuck in Thinking Noone Was Home but Forgot to Check the Obvious

These people order stuff online without having to be present for the delivery. Since then, the porch pirates have swarmed the suburbs. These sneaky thieves, however, seem to have no remorse at all. One particular thief in Houston was so zoned into the stealing that she hardly cared about her wardrobe malfunction.

The porch pirates have indeed ruined the holiday seasons for everyone. Like Cicadas swarming every seven to thirteen months, these sneaky robbers rise primarily during holidays. As most of the people are out of the town or visiting relatives to celebrate. Once they get home, their recent package is nowhere to be seen.

Due to this reason alone, many people have installed doorbell cameras. Some even got the chance to catch these thieves in action. And the lies that come out are unbelievable. In the compilation below, thankfully, no packages were stolen. Almost every owner in the video was able to catch the pirates. Moreover, concerned neighbors on the look have made all the difference. Always keep your belongings safe. These porch pirates stop at nothing. They will keep the engine running, just to drift away with your package.

Please enjoy this hilarious confrontation.

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