Dog is Super Upset With Owner but Pay Attention to His Eyes When She Apologizes

Being human, we tend to make a lot of errors or upset others. We don’t necessarily set out to do it, but we do–it’s just human nature. However, sometimes we unintentionally hurt our loved ones and barely realize it.

Well in this clip, Mama has done something to make their Newfoundland, Ralphie, upset. He hardly seems to make eye contact and looks glum. Newfoundlands are a loyal, and courageous breed that is known for its gentle and loving nature, so she must have done something pretty bad to make Ralphie upset. 

This is the Fisher family, who have a YouTube channel and other social media accounts that have racked up an amazing 22 million views–10 million of them on this video alone. The big draw is Ralphie, in more ways than one.

Eventually, Mom apologizes to the big pooch. After that, both of them hug each other and makeup. In short, she made a mistake but rather than dwelling on it. She said she was sorry and they became friends again. But Ralphie’s reaction is so great once she finally apologizes that you just have to see it. Watch the short video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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