Tiny Dog Spots A Cookie On The Table. But Wait Till You See Him Beg For It

Everybody loves cookies! A freshly baked batch of yummy cookies is just what one needs after a long day of work. Just ask this little guy in the video below! The adorable dog in this clip loves cookies with all his heart! But wait till you see how he asks his owner to share a cookie with him! It will melt you down!

This adorable pooch is named Skippy. And according to his owner, he is a BIG fan of carrot cake cookies. The moment he figures out there is one on the table, he starts begging for it right away! But this cutie takes begging to a whole new level. He is really persistent about it too. Thankfully, his dad treated him with a cookie right after the video was over!

Watch this adorable clip below! Did this make you smile? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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