Mama Hedgehog Plays Hide and Seek with Sea-Urchin-Like Babies – So Cute!

Every once in a while, you just need to look at something cute. Something that will make you smile despite any trouble you’re having. Well, here’s just the video to do that for you.

I think hedgehogs are actually a bit strange. They look a little like a porcupine but their spines don’t easily detach from their bodies the way porcupine quills do. Their spines are actually hollow hairs made stiff with keratin but they are neither poisonous nor barbed. They are simply a defense mechanism: when challenged the hedgehog rolls itself into a ball with the spines on the outside.

And if hedgehogs themselves are a bit strange, their babies are even more strange. As the video shows, their babies are entirely pink and look almost exactly like a sea urchin.

Regardless of exactly how they look, however, one thing they definitely are is cute. Which is why we say the video below, posted on Twitter by @buitengebieden, is your daily dose of cuteness and will make you grin from ear to ear. Look at these little pink creatures–don’t you want one?

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