This Unlikely Friendship of a Dog and Duck is Making Headlines

Every animal is different, and so are their friendship preferences. It’s very rare to see two different kinds of animals to become friends. And Max and Quackers are a perfect example.

12-year-old Huskie Max and 4-year-old duck Quackers from Minnesota are best friends. They are inseparable in everything they do.

dog and duck best friend

Both animals lost a lot of friends along the way. Maz had a friend named Sasha, and Quackers had other duck friends. And they would hang out with their individual friends. But after their loss, the two started spending time together. And surprisingly, they got along very well.

And just a few days together was it for both Max and Quackers to figure out their special bond. Now, after almost seven years, their friendship has grown to a point where they’re inseparable. According to their owner, Max and Quackers do everything together. They sleep, eat, and even take walks together. WATCH the beautiful bond between Max and Quackers below.

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