Rescue Dog Shakes in Fear After It Was Abandoned When Owners Had a Baby

Dogs and humans go way back to when people started domesticating them. The custom is still the same, however time and again, owners leave their pets back to the shelter. Sometimes it’s an allergic reaction to the animal or a new baby in the house.

Similar to the story of Rocco, in the video below. The German Shepherd was a part of a loving family. These breeds usually grow big with pointy and sharp teeth. When the owners realized they were pregnant. Keeping the baby’s safety in mind, they decided to abandon him. Hence, he was back to his shelter house.

The animal used to love and caring soon started entering a sad state. He was less and less outgoing. Even lost a few pounds due to this tragedy. With more days passing, Rocco was unrecognizable.

One day a woman walked into foster care, and Rocco’s life changed forever. After hearing his story, she was determined to get him back to his old self. Therefore, Preeti provided all the comfort he needed. In no time, Rocco was outgoing again, playing with toys. She made an Instagram account for the pet. Recording all his growing stages. Isn’t that just wonderful to hear?

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