Hero Mom Saves 5-Yr-Old from Vicious Raccoon Attack on Front Porch

Here’s a terrifying video that shows something dangerous can happen to your children even on the front porch of your house, and how important it is to step up to the challenge if that happens to you.

5-year-old Rylee MacNamara of Ashford, Connecticut, was standing on the front porch getting ready to walk to the school bus when a huge racoon comes out of nowhere and attacks her left leg. Naturally, Rylee started screaming in terror, trying to shake the animal loose. “I was going out to get on the bus and a raccoon was there and tried to attack me,” Rylee said.

Inside the house, Rylee’s mom Logan heard the commotion on the porch. “I heard her screaming and ran to see what was going on. I thought maybe she slammed her hand in the door, I was not expecting to see a raccoon attacking her,” Logan said.

When she got to the front porch, Logan immediately grabbed the raccoon and ripped it off of Rylee’s leg. While still holding the animal, she grabbed Rylee and propelled her inside, yelling, “Go inside, get in the house.” She yelled for help, yelled at neighbors to stay back, then hurls the attacking varmint into the yard.

Logan said she just reacted “If I didn’t have the video I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what happened, it all happened so fast.” Afterward she posted it on social media and got over 17 million views.

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