Make a beautiful christmas tree with just plastic spoons. It looks incredible!

During this time of the year, every time I go to the store, I am bombarded by Christmas decorations. It’s fun to decorate your home with these ornaments. But often, it’s starts getting expensive to collect them. And when you can make similar decor items by the things you can find at home, why buy them?

This video has all the things that you would ever need to get your home ready for the holidays. From the Christmas tree ornaments to easy and beautiful wreaths. All from items that you would readily find at home. Some are so creative that you wouldn’t be able to find them at stores.

christmas diy

My favorites are the tree ornaments made from different kinds of pasta. They are so good, and the result doesn’t even look like pasta. The pool noodle wreath and candy decorations are unreal! Furthermore, the designs of the wreaths are so original. Especially the ones made from paper straws and ball ornaments. Watch the video to learn how to make the stunning decors:

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