Dog Joins Owner For A Military Drill, Now Millions Can’t Get Over How Good He Is

Every creature can be known for a very distinctive characteristic. For instance, cats are known to be quite mysterious and independent. On the other hand, dogs are known for their loyalty and the affection they shower on their owners. They are also known to be obedient and easy to train. Dogs can be trained to do everything from sniffing out bombs to healing people who need therapy. The pooch in the following video was trained to do an incredible routine!

Deril the dog joined his owner Lusy Imbergerova to perfomed at the 2016 World Dog Show held in Moscow. The pair’s routine that included a military theme was nothing short of breathtaking. They do everything in sync, until his owner is sadly “injured” from an incoming bomb. The pooch then saves her and makes it look like he’s caring for her.

You have to admire these two for their perseverance and perfection. Just imagine how much time it took for them to perfect this show! The duo are originally from Italy, they managed to get rewarded the second place in the competition. Their moves are brilliant and humorous, as well as perfectly times. One of the best sequences of the act was when the Belgian shepherd performed a CPR on the human!

You have to admire this pooch for his unbelievable discipline and obedience!

Check out this amazing routine below:

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