No Matter How She Tries, This Adorable Toddler Can’t Say “Ice Cream”

The video shared below has recently been making the rounds on the internet. And we are not really surprised! It will definitely be one of the funniest yet most adorable things you will come across today. Meet Delta. This little kid has taken the online community by storm with her made-up word for “ice cream”. The baby girl came up with a new name for ice cream, and the funny moment was caught on camera by her dad.

In the video, her father starts talking to her, asking her to repeat some sentences. Things take a hilarious turn when he tells the tiny toddler to say “I love ice cream.” The baby girl somehow manages to utter the sentence, but only up to a point, because she just cannot say the words “ice cream”.

The dad tries again. The kid is able to say “I” and “want”, but not “ice cream”. The man doesn’t give up, and tries to make his daughter say the words “ice cream”, but all in vain. In Delta’s vocabulary, the word “ice cream” does not seem to exist.

In its place is a mysterious, three-syllable word, “camtono”. The word even confused the hell out of her dad. The video has been shared millions of times, with many viewers trying to figure out what “camtono” means. One of them even took it upon themselves to enter the word in Urban Dictionary! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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