Man Thinks “An Angel” Helped When Lightning Misses Him by Inches

Shocking to witness, someone has experienced death passing by. That’s true! CCTV footage of the school shows a counselor walking towards his car holding an umbrella in heavy rain. During that moment, he experienced the lightning go through his body, leaving him alive.

He felt the gratitude for the supernatural power, that left him unhurt. It is almost impossible to escape a lightning strike. However, it happened with Romulus McNeill who works at the school, from where the incident was shot.

In the Horris County of South Carolina, the incident took place on 19th August 2019. The guy went through heavy rain and flash of light that enveloped his mind and body. He stayed in shock when lightning touched his physique. On top of it, feeling alive was surprising for him after going through the disaster that left him numb. He would never forget the close meeting with death, that spared him safely.

The man who was walking towards his car experienced the flash and sound of lightning that has touched him intensely. It was a kind of gratitude that he expressed for the heavenly angels, who saved his breath. Otherwise, he would have lost his life to the lightning strike, that was so disastrous and scary. He lost his balance and thrown away the umbrella.

If you want to view the thunder of nature and the hand of angels, you must watch the video. It is clear that the man in video escaped death, very closely. It is easy to say than experience, how it happened with the guy here. You may feel the power of nature, both in a good and bad mood. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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