Woman Saves Deaf Deer Hit By A Car And The Animal Says Thank You In A Sweet Way

Hit and run cases have become one of the biggest threats to animals all around the world. People would hit an animal crossing the road, kill them or leave them injured, and run away. But there are very few people who would stop and make sure the animals are okay.

And Kimberly Wynn falls on the latter category. Kimberly came across an injured deer while traveling. She found out that the deer was the victim of a hit and run case. She also realized that the deer was both blind and deaf. So, Wynn decided to rescue her.

deer snuggles on womans lap

Human beings are one of the biggest threats to deers. So, it’s understandable if they’re afraid and avoid human contact. However, the deer in the video that Kimberly saved grew very fond of her. Maybe she immediately sensed that Kimberly wasn’t a threat. So, the deer had a very special way of thanking Kimberly, who saved her life.

In the video, the blind deer comes closer to Kimberly and snuggles up on her lap. Even though she can’t see, it seems like the deer is really comfortable with Kimberly. She cuddles up on her lap and sleeps there. Kimberly names the adorable deer Snuggle for apparent reasons.

WATCH the adorable bonding between the deer and Kimberly below.

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