Excited Otter Wants Mama Deer to Give Him a Belly Rub So This is How He Approaches Them.

Mother Nature is fascinating. There are lots of incredible animals under her care. And when these various animals come together, it is one of the most remarkable things to witness. Interspecies relationship has always been a thing of wonder and amazement. Seeing animals from different species bond with one another just warms one’s heart, doesn’t it? The video below shows an adorable instance of interspecies contact. And it is sure to make you smile.

A family of deer made their way into this particular backyard. Then another little animal decided to make his entrance. The deer family was shocked to see the otter come up to them. But the tiny guy was not in the least bit shy! He randomly approached the group and tried to join them. It even looks like he is asking for a belly rub from the mother doe and her little fawns! It is just the cutest thing ever! Wait till you see this for yourself!

The humans couldn’t stop themselves from grabbing their camera when they saw what was happening. What it managed to capture has left nearly one million people with a big smile on their faces! Watch this adorable video below! Did this group make you smile too? Don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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