Cat Learns to Brush His Teeth Every Morning Just Like His Mom

Although cats like to do things their way, it does not mean that they don’t love you. Felines are very fond of their humans. However, their way of showing affection is a little different from yours. And research shows that one way they do so is my imitating you!

Achilles, a 2-year-old tabby, is a bit of a copycat! And nobody knows it more than his owner, Stephanie Isidro. The cute cat adores Stephanie and never lets her out of his sight. Moreover, he loves her so much that he picked up quite a few of her daily habits. This includes oral hygiene!

achilles the cat

Even as a kitten, he would wake up with his beloved human and follow her to the bathroom. Moreover, he follows this routine every day, where he sits and watches her brush her teeth! But one day, Stephanie had extra brushes out for her guests to use. That’s when she noticed that Achilles was mimicking her every movement. Now, she keeps brushes out, especially for him to use. Watch the cat polishing his pearls below:

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