You’ll Crack Up Over This Deer’s Priceless Reaction to a Leaf Blower

We have seen animals do some hilarious stuff on the internet before. Dogs, cats, and horses have their own personalities and they don’t mind being goofy from time to time. And as this clip shows, deer are the same! This hilarious deer is going to crack you up for sure!

Normally, Deer are shy and skittish animals. They typically avoid contact with humans and prefer to run away when they sense danger. Deer are also very alert and have a keen sense of smell, hearing, and sight, making them difficult to approach or hunt. They tend to live in small herds and can be seen grazing in open fields, wooded areas, and meadows. 

But those descriptions don’t really apply to this deer. He has lovingly been named Bucky. And though he is not a “farmed” deer, he loves to roam around the neighborhood and walk through people’s yards.

One day he noticed some of his human friends cleaning up the leaves from their backyard. So he decided to check it out. He approaches them, but the thing that catches most of his attention is the leaf blower. He didn’t get scared of the machine, but from the looks of it, he actually enjoyed it!

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