Grandpa Gets a Surprise Visit From Baby Grandchild- His Reaction Is Priceless

Grandparents have the purest and the most special kind of love for their grandchildren. However, some grandparents are not able to stay with their beloved grandchildren due to many factors.

A video of a grandfather went viral on the internet. Emi Dunn Rigby was not able to meet her father as he was busy with work in South Africa. Her dad really missed her and her baby. So, Emi decided to solo travel with her baby all the way to South Africa.

She, however, did not inform her dad about her visit as she meant for it to be a surprise. This dad was totally filled with emotions when he saw them enter his office. He immediately held his grandchild and looked ecstatic doing so. This grandpa is truly an amazing one.

His reaction was definitely worth over 30 minutes of traveling for Emi. Watch the full video below!

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