Andrea Bocelli Duet Makes “Amazing Grace” Soar to a New Level

Andrea Bocelli is one of the greatest tenors of all time. Alison Krauss comes together with this legendary singer and sings the most peaceful and uniting song for humanity.

As the world went through a lot in the past year. These singers did their best to make the world know that there is still hope and faith alive inside of everyone. In fact, although many things fell apart in 2020, this song cover makes an attempt to make everything and everyone fall in place again.

Andrea Bocelli brings to life the true meaning of the religious song from 1772 by John Newton, Amazing Grace. This song reminded John to never give up in trying times. The song has been sung by many artists over the years but the best rendition of the song is surely this one.

Hopefully, the world was able to grasp even some small or big even, amount of faith from this song. Hope surely lives forever. Watch the full video below!

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