Firefighter Dad Bursts Into “Ave Maria” at Hotel & His Daughter’s Reaction Is Priceless

No doubt Disneyland is a magical place where all your dreams come true. A mystical land filled with your favorite animated characters like Mickey, Minnie, Cinderella, and many more. Sometimes even the guests add more charm to the place. 

Justin Gigiello was enjoying his vacation in Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando, Florida, with family.

On a short day trip after lunch, Justin’s daughter made a small request, which leads the family to online fame. 


In the lobby of the hotel Lyla, the six-year-old daughter, spotted a pianist. The toddler began dancing with her father. The pianist was onto his new song when the loving dad agreed to Lyla’s request. 

Justin Gigiello started singing, people gathered around him, and the floor echoed with the haunting voice. 

Gigiello was a trained opera singer. From his former home Connecticut, he even gave vocal lessons. Not only does he have an angelic voice, but the man is also a volunteer firefighter at North Stonington Volunteer Fire Department.

A video captures Justin singing “Ave Maria.” As he began reaching the high notes, his daughter looks at him with adoring eyes. Cleary, she is proud of her dad, and wouldn’t you be too if he had such enormous skill. Although, the man grew up with different musical genres. It’s his teacher who insists on opera while he wanted to sing R&B and Frank Sinatra. Justin shared that the audience’s reaction is what matters, whether he is singing at Grand Floridian or in the kitchen for his daughter.

Please press play and enjoy this incredible voice. I was mesmerized by his tenor. Kindly share your thoughts in the feed. 

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