200 Men in White Suits Stood in Formation, Then Blew Everyone Away With Their Angelic Voices

Different styles of music have had its moment over different eras. For instance, crooners had their moment back in the 50s, while heavy metal had its time in the 80s. Barbershop quartets were quite popular from the early 1900s, which is quite a while ago. Despite that, the form still hasn’t died out. It is being kept alive by enthusiasts, like the ones in the following video.

This video shows the Texas-based men’s chorus known as the Vocal Majority. It consists of more than 100 volunteer musicians with the most amazing voices. They’ve performed around the world and gained a number of impressive awards over the years. This particular performance was done live at The Axis at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas during the 2017 Barbershop Harmony Society International Convention, and it was stunning indeed.

This video shows one of their renditions of the classic hit “Danny Boy”, and it will definitely wow anyone who hears it. Vocal Majority’s version puts an incredible barbershop twist to this timeless song. Their rich range of voices blends flawlessly for this treasured song. Their jazzy style meshed with their beautiful voices has won over masses of fans around the world!

Their performance was flawless, and what made it even better was how they looked so amazing in their matching white suits!

Check out this amazing video below:

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