African Farmers Are Setting Up Rows of Beehives on Their Land, but Not Because They Want Honey

There is no place where humans haven’t gone on Earth. People have settled in desserts, mountains, and even in the freezing poles. And because of that, we have adapted to living with the animals who call it their natural habitat. This wholesome story is about people coexisting with wild elephants.

Kenya, Africa has a lot of wild elephants that migrate in herds throughout the jungle. Sometimes they come across small farms where people have been growing crops for generations. Moreover, they are herbivores, so they eat the produce that farmers so hard to harvest. Additionally, when a herd of elephants comes to a farm, they can wipe out an entire year’s crop for a family. And people trying to protect themselves can sometimes lead to violence.

bees and elephants

Thus, it’s crucial to find non-violent ways to protect both farmers and elephants. When conservationists and local tribesmen were walking together, they discovered that elephants are scared of bees. So, to prevent conflict between humans and the majestic animals, farmers have started keeping African bees! Such a simple idea, but it has worked wonders to keep these wild elephants at bay. Watch the incredible results below:

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