Horse Spots His Best Friend After Ages, and Their Reunion Will Put Tears in Your Eyes

Love is something we all want and need. It is a very powerful force that can’t be compared to anything else in life. It is something that overcomes everything. Time, distance, race or culture—if it is true, love will conquer it all. Friendship is one form of love that we can’t really get by. Friends are the family we chose to have, who help us through tough times when we have no one to lean on. We may think love and friendship might just be human things, but we’d be wrong.

The stunning displays of friendship in the animal kingdom are amazing. Animals can be social creatures too, and they can share very close bonds with the members of the same herd or group. But if you’ve been on the internet long enough, you know that there are so many unusual animal friendships out there. Even the most unlikely creatures can form intense bonds, and this video shows one of them.

The camel and horse in this video had lived together in the same place for many years. Sadly, they were separated for unknown reasons. But this video shows their emotional reunion. As soon as this horse saw this camel, he galloped excitedly and even jumped up to hug him! What an amazing sight! They seem to have met after a long time, yet they remember each other. The horse constantly runs around the camel, rubbing himself along his tall friend as if to say “It’s so good to meet you after so long!”

There’s just something magical about unusual and unlikely friendships. Don’t unlikely animal friendships just make you melt?

Check out this amazing video below:

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