Kids and Parents in Dance Class Together – Showstopping Recital Seen by Millions

Dancing has a number of health benefits, including greater physical strength, endurance, and motor fitness, as well as improved cardio fitness. Muscle tone and strength have improved. You can even lose weight. Dancing is not only good exercise, but it can also help you feel better simply by working up a sweat.

Here in this video, you’ll watch a group of kids giving a classroom dance performance. Not only this but the parents of these kids also joined them to show off some cool moves. Read till the end for the full story and the video!

Phil Wright, a dance instructor, created a special routine for both his students and their parents. The song choice was also excellent. He set the tone for a lively performance by selecting Earth, Wind & Fire’s upbeat song “Let’s Groove.”

Watch below to witness this crazy dance video and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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