On the very first day of your job, employees try their best to set a good impression. An Alabama resident Walter Carr was no stranger to this strategy. Unfortunately, his car broke down the night before his first job.

A 20-year old student wakes up in the middle of the night to walk over 20miles to show up in time for his first day on a moving job at, Bellhops.

Instead of making excuses on the first day, Walter decided to walk the distance. Hence, he got dressed eight hours before his shift and made his way to Pelham. During the walk, he came forth two police officers.

Once they learned about Walter’s situation the cops were humble enough to take him for breakfast and even drove him to work. When the CEO of Bellhops learned about this painstaking journey, he decided to surprise his new employee.

Walter reached his working destination only to be surprised with something more. The company bought the young gentleman a car for his determination and endurance. These are such great examples of kindness. Please press play and watch this heartwarming surprise clip. Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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