Dance has no age bar. Just ask this couple if you don’t agree with me! This “elderly” pair shocked the lights out of everyone when they stepped on the floor and started doing exhibiting some fancy footwork. Not only are they groovy, but their energy is also contagious.

According to the announcer in the video, the “Old Swingers,” Pete and Beulah Mae, were a substitute for “Jim and Virginia,” who were the crowd’s first choice. When they first came out, it looked like they were having trouble just walking. But once the music starts, holy cow that was surprising!

If you look closely you’ll probably be able to tell that Pete and Beulah Mae are most likely Jim and Virginia, but they are nevertheless excellent dancers and fun to watch. The fact they are doing it in costume just makes it that much more fun.

Watch this amazing couple’s routine in the video below (regardless of whether it’s Pete and Beulah Mae, or Jim and Virginia). Let us know your thoughts about it in the Facebook comments!

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